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Design & Graphics


Good Design and layout is a skill. It doesn't take five minutes, and if done correctly can totally change the image of an individual, or company overnight from also-ran to Forward looking, go getting professionals. We strive to give you the benefit of our years of experience, with friendly, and hopefully helpful advice.



Cheap Design is for jumble sales - Quality may cost a little extra, but will pay dividends later




Good logo's are the trademark of a company, and often the only thing the public see of that company.



  • We can typically make up a logo to proof between 30mins and two hours depending on customer requirements.


  • Once yours logo has been designed, it can be used by DG for numerous applications, from business card to Van livery.


  • Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Signage all require professional design. We want to exceed your expectations, many of our customers say that we have. We won't be happy until you are.



We are quick and efficient, and will always round down estimates.  


We won't be happy until you are.