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Quality ripstop nylon banners, with brass eyelets ever 50cm. We hold in stock most sizes and colours, however, we can make your banner virtually any size you wish. For event banners with specific day or date, we can replace date for next years event at a small charge. We also sell 'Banner Bungees' to secure your banner at £1.50 each.



Key:   Simple is wording only/up to two colours

            Mid is wording and simple design or logo

            Intricate is wording/intricate design, and/or multiple logos.


NB: Extra logos charged at £10.00 each



                                              Small                Mid            Intricate



2 Ft. by 6 Ft.                         £49                 £55                 £75


2 Ft. by 8 Ft.                         £59                 £65                 £85


2 Ft. by 10Ft.                        £65                 £70                 £95


3 Ft. by 6 Ft. (2m)                £69                 £75                 £95


3 Ft. by 10Ft. (3m)               £79                 £90                 £125


3 Ft. by 4m                            £95                 £115               £145


4Ft. by 4m                             £100               £125               £165



Feather Flags




Poles and Carry Bag                       £35.00

Base                                                   £27.50

Water Fill Base (more stable)        


Printed 2.4m Flag (10-14 Days)   £125.00


All Price + VAT